Thanks for stopping by the new Institute on Aging blog, Science of Aging! We’ll be working hard to share the latest research on age-related diseases, updates from IOA lectures and events, and news featuring Penn’s Institute on Aging experts.

We decided to launch our social media efforts to open the doors and invite you in for a look behind the scenes at Penn’s Institute on Aging, where we’re constantly seeking ways to improve age-related conditions, from Alzheimer’s to osteoporosis.

On the sidebar, you can sign up to the email version of this blog and see what we’re up to on Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. Please follow along with us, in whatever way you prefer.

And please check back later today for our next post, recapping our latest Institute on Aging Visiting Scholar Series lecture, where Ken Langa from the University of Michigan tells us about Health and Retirement Study findings suggesting that American’s treatment for heart disease and increasing levels of education may be reasons why our rate of cognitive impairment has actually decreased slightly over time.

We look forward to sharing the innovative programs, groundbreaking research and exceptional expertise from the University of Pennsylvania Institute on Aging.

Editor’s note: We invite you to comment here and join in the conversation. We’ll be moderating comments for appropriateness, so please be civil and respectful. We won’t be able to respond to every comment, particularly if it deals with personal medical cases or issues.


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