Does lifespan extension equate to healthspan extension? ft. Brian K. Kennedy, PhD

On Thursday, January 15, 2015, Brian K. Kennedy, PhD visited Penn’s Institute on Aging to discuss his work in aging research. Dr. Kennedy, President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, presented a lecture on “Drugs that Forestall Aging – Extending Healthspan.” His most recent work, which you can learn more about in the video interview below, is based around studying the “TOR pathway,” or the target of rapamycin, and this drug’s recently discovered ability to extend lifespan in mice. One of Dr. Kennedy’s goals is to determine whether pathways like TOR can be regulated to treat aging-related diseases, specifically focusing on cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome like type II diabetes.

Find more information on Dr. Kennedy and his research here and in the video below.




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