Dr. Trojanowski joins the ranks of other Penn Neuropathologists as the 2015 AANP Meritorious Award Recipient

Congratulations to IOA Diretor, John Q. Trojanowski, MD, PhD, on receiving the 2015 American Association of Neuropathologist (AANP) Meritorious Award.

The AANP Meritorious Award “recognizes a member who has made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in neuropathology and provided service to the American Association of Neuropathologists.” It acknowledges Dr. Trojanowski as “an experimental neuropathologist who has provided immense contributions to the study of neurodegenerative diseases.”

Dr. Trojanowski’s collaborative tendencies, including collaborations with pathologists, neurologists, basic scientists, and governmental, industry, and private foundations, have enabled an even broader and deeper world-wide impact.

“Dr. Trojanowski – John – embodies a spirit of excellence and passion about neuropathology, at a time when our field is thirsty for those things.”

 Aside from Dr. Trojanowski, several other neuropathologists have received this AANP award. Showcasing the impact of Penn Neuropathology, since 1999, four Penn Neuropathologists were awarded, which is more than any other institution.

Penn Awarded Neuropathologists:

  • 1999 – Lucy B. Rorke
  • 2009 – Nicholas K. Gonatas
  • 2011 – William W. Schlaepfer
  • 2015 – John Q. Trojanowski

For a full list of past awardees, click here.


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