“Comparative effectiveness research on home-and-community based practices.”

This week, the IOA welcomed Christopher Murtaugh, PhD, Associate Director of the Research Center at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, to the University of Pennsylvania to present “Comparative effectiveness research on home-and-community based practices.”

Dr. Murtaugh started his career as a graduate student at Yale University conducting research on the nursing home population using large data set analysis. Following his dissertation, he went on to work for what is now the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality and continued focusing on primarily nursing home care as well as looking at national surveys in terms of the experience of elders and their functional disabilities and transitions over time, all using national, publicly available data sets in addition to Medicare claims data.

Several years later, Dr. Murtaugh decided to move towards community-based care, an area that he has concentrated on for the past 19 years. In his role as associate director, he focuses on increasing funding to conduct research that is critical to informing evidence based around the value of home-and-community based care and to translate their findings for use both by practitioners and policy makers. He has experience in research on the funding of home-and-community based care and alternative approaches, not exclusively on patient functionality and other outcomes, but also how the system is financed and how we might better pay for the type of care that elders need.

Learn more about Dr. Murtaugh’s work here:

* Mary Naylor, PhD, FAAN, RN (reference by Dr. Murtugh) is the Marian S. Ware Professor in Gerontology and the Director of the NewCourtland Center for Transitions and Health at the University of Pennsylvania.


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