Planning Your Encore Career: Discovering new passions and pursuing new hobbies

In October of this year, the Institute on Aging (IOA), in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania’s Human Resources Department, welcomed WHYY’s Willo Carey to discuss “Purposely Planning Your Encore Career.” Inspired by this presentation, the IOA has started working on a new video series project to document Penn faculty and staff and their thoughts and plans for “encore careers”.

 Rose Halligan currently works in an office as an Administrative Assistant for the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania but one day hopes to work from the comfort of her own home studio. She, like many others here at Penn, has started to think not only about her retirement, but also about her encore career. In addition to dedicating more time to her hobby of quilt making, Rose would love to pursue another recently discovered passion—voiceover and acting.

The idea arose from a student project in which she was asked to participate. At first, Rose was very hesitant and quickly shot down the idea, not wanting to step in front of the camera. However, when the student suggested the voiceover, she figured she would give it a shot. Much to her surprise, she enjoyed the experience so much that she instantly went back to her computer and began researching classes.

Since then, Rose has completed several voiceover classes, stepped out of her comfort zone and tried out acting, and has also enrolled in new courses for audiobook reading.

Learn more about Rose Halligan’s plans and inspiration for her encore career here:

Planning your encore career?

If you are a Penn employee and you’ve started thinking about your encore career, we’d love to hear from you! For more details, email:


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