Penn FTD Center Director, Dr. Murray Grossman, receives Legal Clinic for the Disabled’s Special Recognition Award

MurrayGrossmanMurray Grossman, MD, EdD, professor of Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Penn Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) Center, received the Legal Clinic for the Disabled’s (LCD) highest honor, the Special Recognition Award, for his longtime commitment to the disability community.

This award honors the impact of Dr. Grossman’s research and care of those affected by FTD and other life-altering related disorders that can cause motor dysfunction as well as affect behavior and language. Dr. Grossman also serves as the president of the Katie Sampson Foundation, a local group that works closely with the LCD and provides funding for research and rehabilitation treatments and programs to give patients with spinal cord injuries a sense of independence and increased quality of life.

As for his work here at Penn, the FTD Center is a close collaborator of the Institute on Aging, focusing on Frontotemporal degeneration, the second most common cause of dementia in people under 65, and related dementias. FTD “deprives patients of their cognitive abilities, personality and eventually their independence.”

For more information on Dr. Grossman and his work in FTD research and care, visit:

Full Penn Medicine News Release.


Related Event:

Penn FTD Center Annual Caregiver Conference
May 20, 2016 | Time TBD
Smilow Center for Translational Research – Rubenstein Auditorium

This daylong event is open to family, caregivers, health professions, scientists, students, and all others interested in learning more about FTD. The conference will include lectures by Dr. Grossman and a team of experts in the field.


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